About the Book

Jason King is a 10-year-old boy, shy in nature, but, when around his friends known as the Beta Crew, he feels like he can do anything. After receiving a mysterious new manga for his birthday, Jason and his three friends: Courtney Garcia, Klaus Smith and Nike Chung are suddenly teleported into a world where superheroes are real! They must learn to use their new found abilities and the power of teamwork in order to save the city of Kodon.

Meet the Crew

Jason King

The shy one of the crew. Has the power of mind reading and wears special sneakers that allow him to utilize other soon to be revealed abilities.

Courtney Garcia

The brains of the team. Possesses the power of fire. She can both shoot fire out of her hands and use the fire to fly.

Klaus Smith

Comedian of the crew. Has the ability of flight and can turn himself invisible as well.

Nike Chung

The most athletic member of the crew. He has the power of strength thanks to his futuristic armor. Also wields a sword that can slice through anything.

Let the Adventure Begin

Join The Beta Crew
on their quest to save Kodon

Can Jason, Courtney, Nike and Klaus learn to use teamwork and their newfound powers to save the city of Kodon or will Dr. Crystal defeat them?

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